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Sushi Rosa would like to take you to the next level of authentic sushi tastes, where Sushi Rosa’s best-seller rolls are delightfully placed. Many fantastic flavour to choose from: ebi, salmon, avocado, yami, and many more. 


Located in downtown Montreal, Sushi Rosa is one of the must-try spots for every sushi lover. Every sushi roll is homemade with daily fresh ingredients. Sushi Rosa is proud to become a phenomenal sushi restaurant in Montréal, offering solid prices, a cozy atmosphere, and authentic sushi from Japan. Come visit us today and enjoy a wholesome culinary experience.


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Rosa Sushi joyfully update the house’s sushi skills everyday to bring the best sushi dishes to the table for our beloved customers. Tag us on your social media, and tell us all about your experience! 


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Take a look at the behind-the-scene of Sushi Rosa restaurant, where the arts are created. 

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Customer Testimonials


Lux Demancia

Super yummy food at very reasonable prices. The sushi is fresh, well made, and very well presented! They also offer pho and banh mi, which are both delicious. The owner is a wonderful lady. 10/10 recommend!!!

Gilly Boo

Amazing food and service, highly recommend!
Best sushi in Montreal, banh mi and pho are great too 🙂


Van Nguyen

I had very great meal from Sushi Rosa with extremely fresh ingredients 👌. All my family was very happy ❤️. Thank you so much